Live product configurator through interactive video mapping

At Oreka we have developed the next generation product customizer in collaboration with Pukas Surfboards. Not to mention its visual contribution to showmanship, the touch screen allows users to preview the selected texture on the surfboard before confirming changes. This gives them the opportunity to experiment and make adjustments in real time to get the desired result.


Develop an unattended 24/7 solution for storefront dynamization in times of COVID-19.

Hundreds of options gathered in an interactive videomapping solution with a fast ordering process, configure and buy your surfboard in 2 minutes. All this available in the store window 24/7

Project information


Pukas Surfboards


Videomapping, Brand Strategy, Omnichannel



Hours of development


Our team has accumulated more than 70,000 hours developing solutions for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, as well as interactive spaces for showrooms and events.