Product Hub: Configurators

3D configurators enable an unmatched user experience by offering a high degree of personalization in real time. Customers can modify specific elements of the product, whether color, size, texture or additional features, and see these changes reflected instantly in a high-quality 3D representation. This level of interaction is not only engaging, but also facilitates more informed decision making, thereby improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

The 3D product configurators developed by Oreka Interactive greatly surpass those of the competition, offering a user and viewing experience that is difficult to match.

Using a 3D configurator not only improves customer experience, but also has significant impacts on operational efficiency. By allowing customers to adjust and visualize products autonomously, the need for multiple iterations and physical prototypes is reduced, saving time and resources. This results in shorter production cycles, fewer returns, and ultimately reduced operating costs.

Direct benefits

What 3D configurators provide

  • Real-time customization
  • Cross-platform integration
  • More agile decision making
  • Reduction of operating costs
Is it difficult to integrate the 3D configurator into my website or devices?

No, our 3D configurator solution is designed for easy and seamless integration into different platforms, including your website.

Yes, our 3D configurators are fully responsive and work perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

Yes, all the customizations you make are reflected in real time in the 3D model, providing an accurate view of the product.

Absolutely. By offering a more interactive and personalized user experience, 3D configurators typically result in higher conversion rates.