AR cosmetic preview

Kendu AR Make-Up es una conjunción de la realidad aumentada y la aplicación de cosméticos, poniendo en las manos de los interesados la posibilidad de anticipar si los productos que buscan combinan o se ajustan al acabado que desean.

Kendu AR Make-Up is a conjunction of augmented reality and cosmetics application, putting in the hands of interested parties the ability to anticipate whether the products they are looking for match or match the finish they desire.


Allow product preview without the need for application.

Having in mind to develop a digital marketing tool that facilitates and speeds up the exemplification of a wide cosmetic catalog, Kendu AR Make-Up allows the user to preview multiple beauty products simultaneously, superimposed on their face in real time.

Accelerating the selection process without the need for the physical presence of the product in question, in addition to the possibility of checking which selection of products are more favorable to the customer's characteristics.

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