Interactive video mapping

Presented for the first time at the Gitex Etisalat 2020 trade show in Dubai. Thanks to video mapping and the technology developed by our team, we can change the textures, colors and elements of a real product, such as clothing, furniture, packagins, volumes or even entire spaces. These configurators generate an immediate impact on users, achieving greater engagement and retention.


Development of live product configurator through interactive video mapping.

This project has been developed jointly between Oreka and Kendu Experience, combining Kendu's specialized retail concept and design with Oreka's interactive video mapping technology.

This type of collaboration elevates the result of the experiences to higher levels by allowing each party to focus all their resources on their expertise.

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Videomapping, Marketing, Brand Strategy



Hours of development


Our team has accumulated more than 70,000 hours developing solutions for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, as well as interactive spaces for showrooms and events.