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Showrooms & Events

XR technologies transform the way companies conduct showrooms and events, providing immersive and exciting experiences that transcend physical limitations. Our showrooms and event experiences allow customers to explore products and services in a digital environment, interact with them and customise them to their liking, all from a unique point of view and experience.

Impress your customers with showrooms and XR events, taking interaction to a new level and extending the cutting-edge image of your brand and services.

Online events and virtual trade shows have become increasingly popular, thanks to the ability of XR technologies to connect people around the world in interactive virtual spaces. This allows companies to reach a wider audience, reduce logistical costs and offer unique experiences that reinforce brand image and encourage interaction.

Direct benefits

How XR technologies can help me

  • Improved accessibility and convenience
  • Reduction of logistics costs
  • Global reach and expansionism
  • Brand strengthening
What kind of products and services can be displayed in a virtual showroom?

From cars and furniture to fashion and technology, almost any product or service can be presented in a virtual showroom through XR technologies.

XR technologies enable the design of interactive virtual spaces where attendees can navigate, communicate with each other, attend presentations and experience products and services in an immersive way.

Do I need special devices to access virtual showrooms and events?

How can I measure the effectiveness of an interactive showroom or XR event?