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Tel: +34.943.904.252

WebGL Configurator 3D

Interactive 3D product web configurator developed using the latest advancements in WebGL technology to deliver a rich next-generation eCommerce experience.


Design a rich and fluid interactive 3D experience for greater user retention on the site.

  • Strategy

    eCommerce, Omnichannel

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, CGi

  • Client

    The Key Group

Open Project


Hundreds of options on a single charge

Thanks to WebGL technology we can develop configurators and simulators that offer hundreds of options in a single load (wait) by the user. We offer first-rate visual and interactive experiences.

This project has been developed entirely in Oreka Interactive, so that all the 3D elements, the conceptualization and the design have been executed by the members of our team.


Real-time 3D system design 0%
CGi interactive


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