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Virtual DJ

  • Strategy

    Digital, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    UI, UX

The task

Improve the in-store user experience.

In this project, our task was to improve the user experience in a space dedicated to music. Combining RFID technology and touch all-in-one solutions, we have created an interactive system that detects physical vinyl and allows them to be digitally tapped in an attractive and agile way.


Product recognition with RFID

RFID technology can be used to design interactive experiences that are “triggered” by the recognition of a product, to display colorful animations, related information, to trace its behavior in store, and so on.

Our team has designed Virtual DJ from scratch, creating the concept, designing the experience and user interface, programming the functionalities in an interactive system from Oreka Interactive.

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The team

Get to know our talent.

Project direction

— Imanol Erauskin
Innovation Director

Dirección de Arte

— Christian Abuin
Art Director

Unity 3D Development

— Christian Abuin

— Egil Iraizoz
CGi Artist & Developer


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