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Trebek-i VR

  • Strategy

    Digital, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    CGi, UI/UX, Art Direction

  • Client

    Osakidetza, Bioaraba

  • Tags

    Sanidad, VR

The challenge

Faithfully reproduce a situation of diagnosis and selection of medical treatment.

This project seeks to replicate a situation not only of diagnosis, but also of making accurate decisions with respect to real-time data and readings selected by the instructor.

Perform tests and measurements on the patient using all the medical equipment you need.

Detailed medical records, cardiograms and medical equipment recreated to perfection for an experience as close to reality as possible.

An experience that serves as a conglomerate of exercises and health practices. In which instructors and teachers can exemplify patient behaviors, as well as determine a variety of customizable cases for presentation or examination.


A cooperative VR simulation aimed at healthcare education.

Thanks to the active participation of Osakidetza’s healthcare staff, we have been privileged to have a wealth of advice. Resulting in an immersive and conducive experience for medical practice, teaching and replicated experience.

Through the use of VR, a PC and/or tablet devices, these tools together offer the possibility of an immersive and multiplayer experience.

Our team specializes in real-time photorealistic 3D graphics, delivering the most realistic and immersive VR experiences in the shortest production time.

Real-time 3D system design 0%
carried out
Hours of

the team

Meet our talent.

Project Management

— Imanol Erauskin
Innovation Director

— Ion Ander Carrillo
CGi Artist & Developer

Dirección de Arte

— Christian Abuin
Art Director

Unity 3D Developer

— Unai Lujambio
Analist Programmer

— Egil Iraizoz
CGi Artist & Developer

Final Art & ilumination

— David Cuadrado
Director of Operations


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