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Bellota interactive presentation

  • Strategy

    Digital, Brand Strategy

  • Design

    CGi, Lighting, Metawall

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the challenge

To bear witness to the history of a multinational in a modern and interactive way, meeting Bellota's expectations.

Bellota wanted to give voice to its history and journey as a company in a modern, interactive and spectacular way.

Given the wide range of opportunities it offers, the Metawall concept perfectly met Bellota’s needs.


Metawall as an evolution of exposure tools

Making use of one of the surfaces of the designated space at Bellota’s headquarters, we opted for the versatility of Metawall.

We worked with Bellota to reflect the sincere testimony of its rich history. Discussing the various fields in which it is a pioneer through interactive methodologies.

Each of the Metawall experience fields chosen by Bellota has a different complete interactive functionality. Focused from fields as diverse as marketing, the historical recreation of urban environments and their expansion in it to its global scale.

Real-time 3D system design 0%
carried out
Hours of

the team

Meet our talent.

Project Management

— Imanol Erauskin
Innovation Director

— Ion Ander Carrillo
CGi Artist & Developer

Art Direction

— Christian Abuin
Art Director

Unity 3D developer

— Unai Lujambio
Analist Programmer

— Egil Iraizoz
CGi Artist & Developer

Final art  & ilumination

— David Cuadrado
Director de Operaciones


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