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Armak Simulator

Historical weapons simulator developed together with the Eibar Museum of Arms in which the original 18th century firing range has been digitally reconstructed, along with 3 emblematic weapons. Users can enjoy a trustworthy experience through the weapons loading and firing processes.


Development of a realistic shooting simulator with haptic feedback for greater immersion.

  • Design

    CGi, UI/UX, Art Direction

  • Client

    Eibar Weapon Museum


VR simulator with haptic shooting

In this Virtual Reality simulation project, we have gone one step further by adding haptic feedback at the moment of firing, so that users can feel the difference between firing a light musket or a heavy rifle


The team

Get to know our talent.

Project Direction

— Imanol Erauskin
Innovation Director

— Ion Ander Carrillo
CGi Artist & Developer

Dirección de Arte

— Christian Abuin
Art Director

Unity 3D Development

— Unai Lujambio
Analist Programmer

— Egil Iraizoz
CGi Artist & Developer

Final Art & ilumination

— David Cuadrado
Operations Director


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