Why Oreka?

Because Oreka is professional sincere clever modern creative different close future clear respectful friendly geek gadgets funny for you

We have made many developments for advertising agencies, brands and top-level entities, as the technological core of a well-known interactive agency. Contact us to learn more about the projects we made previously.

Turnkey projects

We help you defining your project step by step.

Unlimited Technology

We are not only focused on current trends, we reach the beyond acquiring and mastering emerging technologies.

Pro level

Years of proven experience to provide you with the best quality.

Reasonable prices

We adjust our solutions to the capabilities of each project and / or client. We offer multiple options.


Oreka is created by a strong team of passionate developers.

More than team mates, we are a family

Full dedication and sacrifice is a must in our profession, that’s why Oreka team was created without layers: each member and collaborator feel real part of every project so can give the best of himself .

Winners of the first prize in the GipuzkoaApps 2015 event

This app is developed in colaboration with Galtzagorri

In December 2015 we had the honor of winning the award for best Guipuzcoa Apps 2015 with Maria Goikoak Batbirulau. We went to the awards alongside representatives of Galtzagorri Elkartea, Lore and Izaskun and were lucky to share the gala along with the other participants and attendees. If you want to know more, you can download the App clicking on the next buttons or you can access the promotional video by clicking the circular green icon shown below:

orekainteractive.com finalist in the Diario Vasco Awards 2014

Thanks Diario Vasco for the nomination for the best corporate website of Gipuzkoa

We went last December 11 to the Basque Journal Awards at the fairgrounds Ficoba, in Irun. We were nominated, along with Fagor Industrial and AFM, in the category of best corporate website. We are proud to have opted for an award like this and between relevant figures at the national level, such as AFM and Fagor. From here we congratulate the other finalists, winners and the organization. To know more about this award, click this link, or the bottom image: