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Virtual Reality

The technology we saw in futuristic films when we were children has finally come. Within months, the market will be populated by different peripheral able to make you experience fantasy worlds, action-packed experience and virtualize any situation.

Break the limits of reality creating immersive and stunning experiences.

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  • Benefits:

    • No physical boundaries
    • Surrounding experiences
    • Absolute Immersion
  • Target:

    Events, exhibitions, museums, entertainment, theme parks, guided processes, teaching …

Oculus Rift developers

We are Oculus developers. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality device that will revolutionize the way content is displayed.

Interacting in virtual worlds, such as simulating complex production processes step by step , jumping from a plane and freefalling or walking with dinosaurs, was impossible, until now. With the upcoming launch of Oculus Rift (and similar) device, this kind of experience will be available to everyone. Oreka Interactive is made up of Oculus developers and we are really enjoying it. To know more, contact us.