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    Markerless . 3D cameras-Kinect . Facia recognintion . Geopositional

What is Augmented Reality ?

Thanks to image recognition, using the human body data or the GPS location, supported by a modern device, you can add information about the processed image getting a similar look to the audiovisual postproduction effects. In this way we can focus a place, product or object with a device, and obtain any additional information in an attractive and innovative way to create parallel realities with our product. It is also an effective way of moving assembly and educational processes.

We develop high quality augmented reality Apps

Thanks to our previous experience, we have overcome many barriers and master this technology. So we reflect on our products.

Oreka Interactive team is made up of former professionals from an augmented reality pioneer company in Spain. We have developed together a lot of applications with this technology for leading brands and companies, in many sectors such as advertising, entertainment, education, tourism, medicine and research. To learn more about our previous work please contact us.