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3D printing with 50 micron resolution

  • 3D printing is a technology with infinite possibilities

3D printing comes to revolutionize many sectors. Prototyping, architecture, medicine, fashion, food, advertising, merchandising, education ...

Today it is possible to 3d print a sample of our product or work within days, with consequent cost reduction and fluency in the validation process.

We have left behind the mass production barriers to open a path full of possibilities.

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  • Benefits:

    • Multiple materials and finishes
    • Manufacturing unit
    • Accelerates the prototyping
    • Generates impact at first sight
  • Target:

    Architecture, fashion, food, interior design, merchandising, medicine, advertising, education ...

Our team cosists of professionals

All our printing processes are carried out by industry professionals with proven experience.

3D printing is not based solely on quality printers available. For best results, both printed pieces as 3D files will be prepared by qualified professionals. It is in this process, both of preparation, such as grinding, which is the difference between different manufacturers. If you want to know more about our manufacturing processes 3D or want to make an appointment with our sales team, contact us.