Oreka VR Crane Simulator 2018

Learn to pilot cranes without risks

Our new 3D configurator is based on WebGL technology, so it can be executed in browsers without loading external plugins. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux systems.

Developed in collaboration with Tknika

We have created a library of optimized shaders for WebGL capable of covering most cases. We have also produced a collection of camera effects with impressive visual finishes.

Highly customizable

With this kind of configurator, you can show your product in an attractive way from all angles, break it, add explanatory tabs, videos, audio, etc. Gamify the user experience through this avant-garde tool.

Retail, Industry, Advertising, everywhere

This configurator has been developed in a flexible way, so that its use can be extended to practically any sector such as retail, industry, advertising, medicine, education, etc.